Source code for sceptre.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

[docs]class SceptreException(Exception): """ Base class for all Sceptre errors """ pass
[docs]class ProjectAlreadyExistsError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when Sceptre project already exists. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidSceptreDirectoryError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if a sceptre directory is invalid. """ pass
[docs]class UnsupportedTemplateFileTypeError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if an unsupported template file type is used. """ pass
[docs]class TemplateSceptreHandlerError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if sceptre_handler() is not defined correctly in the template. """ pass
[docs]class DependencyDoesNotExistError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a dependency cannot be found """ pass
[docs]class DependencyStackNotLaunchedError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a dependency stack has not been launched """ pass
[docs]class DependencyStackMissingOutputError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if a dependency stack does not have the correct outputs. """ pass
[docs]class CircularDependenciesError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if there are circular dependencies """ pass
[docs]class UnknownStackStatusError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if an unknown stack status is received. """ pass
[docs]class RetryLimitExceededError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if the request limit is exceeded. """ pass
[docs]class UnknownHookTypeError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if an unrecognised hook type is received. """
[docs]class VersionIncompatibleError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if configuration incompatible with running version. """ pass
[docs]class ProtectedStackError(SceptreException): """ Error raised upon execution of an action under active protection """ pass
[docs]class UnknownStackChangeSetStatusError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if an unknown stack change set status is received. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidHookArgumentTypeError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if a hook's argument type is invalid. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidHookArgumentSyntaxError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if a hook's argument syntax is invalid. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidHookArgumentValueError(SceptreException): """ Error raised if a hook's argument value is invalid. """ pass
[docs]class CannotUpdateFailedStackError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a failed stack is updated. """ pass
[docs]class StackDoesNotExistError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a stack does not exist. """ pass
[docs]class ConfigFileNotFoundError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a config file does not exist. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidConfigFileError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a config file lacks mandatory keys. """ pass
[docs]class PathConversionError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a path is unable to be converted. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidAWSCredentialsError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when AWS credentials are invalid. """ pass
[docs]class TemplateHandlerNotFoundError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a Template Handler of a certain type is not found """ pass
[docs]class TemplateHandlerArgumentsInvalidError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when the arguments passed to a Template Handler do not adhere to the specified JSON schema. """
[docs]class TemplateNotFoundError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when a Template file is not found """ pass
[docs]class CannotPruneStackError(SceptreException): """ Error raised when an obsolete stack cannot be pruned because another stack depends on it that is not itself obsolete. """
[docs]class InvalidResolverArgumentError(SceptreException): """ Indicates a resolver argument is invalid in some way. """