Source code for sceptre.logging

from logging import LoggerAdapter, Logger
from typing import MutableMapping, Any, Tuple

[docs]class StackLoggerAdapter(LoggerAdapter): def __init__(self, logger: Logger, stack_name: str, extra: dict = None): """A small wrapper around a Logger that prefixes log messages with the stack name. :param logger: The logger to wrap :param stack_name: The name of the stack to every log message :param extra: Extra kwargs to add to the log context (if any) """ super().__init__(logger, extra or {}) self.stack_name = stack_name
[docs] def process( self, msg: str, kwargs: MutableMapping[str, Any] ) -> Tuple[Any, MutableMapping[str, Any]]: msg = f"{self.stack_name} - {msg}" return super().process(msg, kwargs)